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Terminology Standardization

We offer a range of quality terminology services, products and advice.

Terminology services

Terminology standardization [Read more]

Standardizing and disseminating the terminology used in the federal government in both official languages.

Development of customized glossaries [Read more]

Preparing and updating specialized glossaries that meet the specific needs of a client (electronic format).

Participation in the work of terminology committees [Read more]

Participating, at a client's request, in the work of terminology committees not related to the Bureau's standardization mandate and involving only one department or agency.

Other terminology projects [Read more]

Taking part in projects such as:

  • storing, managing and disseminating a client's terminology data;
  • managing a client's terminology;
  • loading records into a terminology data bank;
  • reviewing glossaries produced by clients;
  • developing metadata;
  • expanding specialized dictionaries.

Free services and tools

We also produce other products and tools that improve the quality of communication in both official languages:

If you have any questions about these services and tools, feel free to contact us.

Should you require terminology or linguistic advice, contact our Terminology Service (SVP Service) at Bureaudelatraduction.TranslationBureau@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca.

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