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Services offered to federal departments and agencies

Translation services

Translation [Read more]

We will re-write your text in another language, taking into account tone, style and terminology.

Or, consider asking for a

  • sight translation (translation over the phone or in person),
  • adaptation (tailor the translation to your specific target audience) or
  • summary (a written or oral outline of your document).
Translation and comparative revision [Read more]

When you have a high-visibility document or one that is going to be published, why not ask us to have another language expert do a comparative revision of the document once we've translated it?

Translation of a bilingual document [Read more]

Don't worry if your document is partly in one language and partly in another—we can translate all of it!

Translation of modified documents [Read more]

If your text has already been translated and you've then modified the document, we can translate just the changes.

Note: The terms standard and ultra-specialized refer to the complexity of a text. You may see these terms on your invoice. Although the same rate is charged regardless of the complexity, the number of hours required to do the work is higher for ultra-specialized texts.

Personalized services

On-site translator [Read more]

A language professional can provide whatever linguistic services you need—this on-site translator would work exclusively and autonomously in your office.

Translator on standby [Read more]

If you want a language professional who can be reached on short notice at any time during a specified period, simply ask for our translator on standby service.

Note: You will be charged a nominal fee for the time that the language professional is on standby (waiting for work).

Writing, revision and editorial services

Writing assistance [Read more]

A language professional can help you write a text.

Editing (unilingual) [Read more]

Let us edit your text—correcting the grammar or style—to make it easier to read and understand.

Editing (unilingual) and translation [Read more]

We can also edit a document and then translate it for you.

Editing (unilingual) and translation of a bilingual document [Read more]

If your document is written in two languages, we can first edit the document and then translate it.

Editing (unilingual), translation and comparative revision [Read more]

After editing your unilingual document and then translating it, we can also do a comparative revision to make sure your message is the same in both languages.

Revision of a bilingual document [Read more]

If your document is written in two languages, we can revise it all!

Comparative revision of a translation [Read more]

If you already have the original and translated documents, we can compare the documents and correct the content and style, if necessary.

Proofreading [Read more]

We can be the final pair of fresh eyes and find any factual errors or typos in your text.

Professional evaluation [Read more]

Our language professionals can assess the quality of translations, revisions, or any text written in English or French. You can ask for a detailed report or brief comments.

Learn more about our Professional Evaluation services.

Terminology services

We can develop customized lexicons, participate on terminology committees or work on other terminology projects. Visit our Terminology Standardization section to learn more about our Terminology services.

Best of all, we also offer some free services and tools to help our clients.

Interpretation services

We provide quality services in Parliamentary interpretation, conference interpretation, and closed captioning and visual interpretation. Visit our Interpretation section to learn more about our Interpretation services.

Administrative fees

A special administrative fee may be applied for such special administrative services as handling a request of many files, combining files into a single file, searching for documents that have already been translated and processing documents with complex graphics or in formats such as PDF and JPG.

After-hours Emergency Service

If you need service outside of our regular office hours, contact us by calling the toll-free number, 1-855-997-3300 (Canada and United States), or 819-997-3300.

The After-hours Emergency Service is available

  • during the week, between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. (EST),
  • on weekends and
  • on statutory holidays.

A rush premium may apply.

EXCEPTION: Consult our directory for contact information related to the Parliamentary Services and Interpretation.

Contact us

For more information, please contact our Contact Centre by calling the toll-free number, 1-855-997-3300 (Canada and United States), or 819-997-3300, or by sending an email to Bureaudelatraduction.TranslationBureau@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca.