We are currently moving our web information to Canada.ca, GCintranet and GCpedia (internal government network).

The Translation Bureau's web pages will remain available until this move is complete.

About the Translation Bureau

The Translation Bureau (TB) is one of the leading translation organizations in the world and the largest employer of language professionals in Canada. Since its founding in 1934, the TB has become the federal government centre of expertise in translation and linguistic services. In addition to having been a service provider for more than 75 years, the TB plays a lead role in terminology standardization within the Government of Canada, standardizing the vocabulary used in various areas of government activity. In addition, the TB is the exclusive supplier of translation, revision and interpretation services for Parliament.

As a leader in the Canadian linguistic service industry, the Translation Bureau stays abreast of emerging trends and makes every effort to leverage technological advances and new technologies. Because of its rich culture of innovation, the Bureau increasingly stands out as a leader in language technologies.