We are currently moving our web information to Canada.ca and the GC Intranet.

The Translation Bureau's web pages will remain available until this move is complete.

Publications, Glossaries and More

Glossaries and vocabularies

One of the mandates of the Translation Bureau is to standardize the terminology used in the federal public service. Over the years, the Bureau has published over 600 glossaries and vocabularies listing terms specific to the various activities areas of the departments.

Most glossaries, vocabularies and other publications are available online. Please consult them online or download them from the Translation Bureau's website or from the Government of Canada Publications' website.

Note: The majority of our glossaries and vocabularies are bilingual (English-French, French-English). Some also include equivalent terms in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and other, and some are in Aboriginal languages.

Update on Language Update and The Pavel Terminology Tutorial

As part of the Government of Canada Web Renewal Initiative, the Translation Bureau will offer all its language resources through the Language Portal of Canada. In this overall context, the Translation Bureau is continuing to review the mandate, content and format of Language Update.

With regard to ARCHIVED The Pavel, Terminology Tutorial, it is no longer available online since October 5, 2015. Educational institutions that would like to obtain the content of the tutorial for training purposes should contact the Contact Centre.