Le guide du rédacteur

Le guide du rédacteur is a writing and editing tool that contributes to effective communication in Canada.

This guide will prove particularly helpful to language professionals, including writers, as they grapple with the day-to-day problems of editorial style. The guide gives rules and recommendations to ensure consistency and uniformity in written communications.

Over the years Le guide du rédacteur has become an essential tool for everyone writing in French. It answers a host of questions on the use of capital letters, italics and punctuation marks, on the presentation of numerical expressions, abbreviations and quotations, and on word divisions at the end of a line. The guide also includes chapters on the following: techniques for avoiding sexual stereotyping in a document; guidelines on drafting correspondence and using plain language; precise rules on bibliographic references for print, visual and electronic media; and geographic names—everything from islands to countries.

Le guide du rédacteur has a straightforward presentation, lists of examples and a detailed index, that makes it easy to find all the information ... a very practical and comprehensive guide!

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