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Glossaries and Vocabularies in Aboriginal Languages

These glossaries contain terminology in three languages (English, Inuktitut and French) with English definitions. They reflect Nunavut's specialized language and the key issues of Inuit communities. Only the Glossary of Mining Terminology contains definitions in English and French.

  1. Accounting Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Accounting Glossary online (HTML)
    compt-account.pdf (208 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  2. Archaeology Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Archaeology Glossary online (HTML)
    archeol.pdf (238 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  3. School Mathematics Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the School Mathematics Glossary online (HTML)
    scolaire-school.pdf (482 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  4. Dental Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Dental Glossary online (HTML)
    dent.pdf (215 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  5. Glossary of Government Terminology
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Glossary of Government Terminology online (HTML)
    gouv-gov-termino.pdf (300 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  6. Human Services Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Human Services Glossary online (HTML)
    sociaux-human.pdf (371 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  7. School Science Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the School Science Glossary online (HTML)
    scientifique-science.pdf (382 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  8. Land Claims Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Land Claims Glossary online (HTML)
    territorial-land.pdf (399 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  9. Environmental Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Environmental Glossary online (HTML)
    enviro.pdf (446 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  10. Legal Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Legal Glossary online (HTML)
    juridique-legal.pdf (611 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  11. Medical Glossary
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Medical Glossary online (HTML)
    medical.pdf (562 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  12. Glossary of Mining Terminology
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Glossary of Mining Terminology online (HTML)
    minier-mining.pdf (145 KB) (Help with alternate formats).

  13. Parliamentary Glossary (ᒪᓕᒐᓕᐅᕐᕕᒡᔪᐊᕐᒧᑦ ᑕᐃᒎᓯᑦ) [Inuktitut]
    ARCHIVED – Consult the Parliamentary Glossary online (HTML)
    lex-gloss-parl.pdf (603 KB) (Help with alternate formats).


The first eleven Inuktitut glossaries are the property of Nunavut Arctic College. The twelfth glossary is the property of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and the thirtheenth is the property of the Translation Bureau.